Great Big Human Being, Same as Cocoa Bean… Puzzlehead- ساده (artless)


I’m going to break my two posts a month a limit to recommend with ample time, to Vancouver readers, the upcoming Dumb/Puzzlehead show. Puzzlehead’s ساده is about the only thing dragging me from what my roommate called “an early Mostly Mozart Festival” with my renewed obsession with the Iron Lung 7″. And if you can read the Persian, pronounce “sadeh”, you might also be able to enjoy the new Ehsan Saboohi on Spectropol.

Also wanted to mention that when I was a freshman in high school I was in a speech and debate class and for whatever reason memorized the whole of Kafka’s “A Country Doctor”. This is by far the greatest achievement of my life, most of which can be characterized by my last conversation with Bernard, I think in 2013 I was in Bed-Stuy and called asking if I could drop by and see the old store. You know there is nothing to see here anymore, he said, what do you really want?

I was playing this most recent Puzzlehead cassette outside the other day and my neighbor walked by, and said “another noisy day”. Then I went down to the bakery and tried each of the free samples and left. Then I went out to eat and when my friend was having trouble serving me some noodles I used my hands.

And when my house had a fire the firefighters had to take water out from my sink and still had dishes, and leftover noodles. Later the chief firefighter was bragging “and I had fill the bucket maneuvering around the spaghetti”. It wasn’t spaghetti, but Americans think they can call any noodle spaghetti. Then he was bragging about dragging a dead body out of a car.

Coming back to The Guild, or the “little shack”, as              calls it, is just like going to heaven. Talking to            the Mangrove Hermit, “It’s not that I don’t like people, I’m a hermit because a personal problem”. That problem was alcoholism. “Its not that I’d rather betray the world than have the world betray me, if the world wants to come out and have a coffee or talk about a problem, that’s all right by me.”            had actually died a couple years ago, only a year after starting a life in solitude. As I pushed for advice, “if you’re thinking about becoming a hermit, do it now.” Then went on about wanting me to get them “one of them Macademia computers.”

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