Heathen Earth Is Not A Myth!…..Thistle Group & It Hurts new 7″ers.




In NZ’s vaporous post-Diabolic Root, post-Xpressway, post-Corpus Hermeticum, post-Root Don Lonie For Cash, post-Precious Metal landscape, it’s a joyous occasion to once again get them earholes filled w/the unctuous twack’ve dystopian mutton. Likewise the honors is all________ when the auricular butchery is performed by someone (somewhat) new to the scene, the artist in profile today bein one Claire Mahoney.

Now Mahoney ain’t no piker. It’d be hard to wager just how long she’s been about, but I’d reckon a decade’re close to. Some of them formative years’d be as an “apprentice” to Pumice ‘n Kraus, but that’s how you start-with a shovel. The trenches don’t dig themselves! So then cut to the present & here’s she’s got this superlative solo project,Thistle Group + a new, second effort from the severely underrated trio, It Hurts. I’m tellin ya, it’s so good, it’s like being kissed by thunder & lightning alls at once. And like thunder, the pleasure’ve these releases is derived from the infernal. I don’t mean some Clive Barker, chatterin pin-head sadism, we’re talkin old school, E.A. Poe styled inferential horror. And bein as close as Mahoney is to the South Pole, just makes it all the more witchy. The engagin brut, electronic maelstroms shudder you to the core, beguiling you in theys evocation. The narration is omniscient, but I’m too fuckin busy just tryin to keep a grip to pay any attention if it’s in first person’re third. Thank God for muscles! Like them forebearers whats placard’d above, Mahoney knows her way around the industrial landscape of late 70’s London, could maybe even channel the flop sweat from a Mayo Thompson/Rough Trade/production session, don’t matter who. One might even be reminded of the stale cigarette smoke waftin out’ve Pinakotheca’s Tokyo HQ. I’ve no idea how manys out there, on this level, ridin as deftly against the grain-‘n makin it hum-like Thistle Group & It Hurts. The Forlag For Fri Musik collective immediately comes to mind & hey, if thems could channel a centrifugal power-North/South Hemisphere Axis-summit, we might have a goddamn, almost for real, modern-day, Man In The High Castle tonk in our ranks. Yeah! Now if you listen closely, you can almost hear I Dischi De Barone wrappin a packet’ve  knacklebod  to send down as enticement. YUM! Who could resist? In other words folks, THEY’S JUST THAT GOOD. Year besters for sure. Find’em here; https://softabuse.bandcamp.com/album/thistle-grouphttps://softabuse.bandcamp.com/album/33-tears & the new It Hurts might still be here;
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Author: rolandwoodbe

What (the royal) we do is secret.

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